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Animal Figurines by Other Artists

Handmade animals and repainted/customised figurines by other Artists
Below are some of the works of very talented artists, which I'm very proud to have in my collection.

Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko is a friend of mine from Poland, here are a few of her amazing works which she has sculpted from scratch and hand-painted:
Bongo Antelope 1:22 scale
Common Eland Bull 1:22 scale
Gaur Bull 1:22 scale
Fjord Horse
Snow Leopard 1:15 scale
Pronghorn Antelope 1:19 scale

Repainted models by Anna
 Papo Caribou

Joan Mileire has an outstanding skill to sculpt such small figurines - I only have one of his works at the moment but it is a true gem.  See how tiny it is and is packed with detail!
 Siamang in 1:13 scale

Sumo is a talented artist from Norway who has such a fantastic imagination to be able to transform something plain into something so beautiful.
So far I have two of her custom models, but they are real treasures:
Welsh sec. A
Dapple grey pony

Viviana from Russia, she is an exceptional re-painter of model horses - each of her works is simply stunning, they are so yummy you can't stop staring at them.  I am very lucky to have one of her works in my collection:
Breyer Haflinger Mare

Deborah Brown a model horse repainted in England, she has repainted many horses into something special and unique.  I commissioned her to repaint a Breyer Ravel for me into a Bay Dapple.