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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Dobrowolsk​a-Oczko and Knibbs' New Project ~ Voting Poll

After a great deal of thought on what species to do for our next project, Anna and I have put together a list.  We thought we'd put it over to you to choose/vote which animal species you'd like us to make from the list.

This project will be slightly different from our previous one; there will be a choice of ordering either a raw (straight from the mould, prepped (mould lines removed and holes filled) or painted castings.

All will be made in 1:22 scale except for the Asian Golden Cat, which will be made in a larger scale 1:10

African Forest Buffalo ~ pair
Hirola ~ pair
Bontebok ~ pair
African Wild Ass ~ pair
Asian Golden Cat ~ pair
Grevy's Zebra ~ pair with foal

Please Note: A painted Grevy's Zebra will be more expensive due to it's complicated pattern

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