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Thursday, 18 July 2013

'Sylvester' Shire Stallion - 'Mini Cromwell' resin stablemate

I painted this little guy last Friday - I'm not too good with horse colours but I think this colour is called a Bay Roan (correct me if I'm wrong).  I based this colour on the Ardennes horses, I believe Bay Roan is the most common found colour in the UK in this breed.

The sculpture is a resin copy originally sculpted by Doris Lindner.
The resin is called 'Mini Cromwell' and is a Shire Stallion.  The 'Mini' is because there is a traditional scaled Cromwell as well.  This one that I have (although I hope to get the traditional scaled one too some day, love the sculpt!) is Stablemate scale, slightly bigger than Britains I think.

I've named mine 'Sylvester', this is because (I know I it sounds ridiculous!) but whilst painting his face for some bizarre reason it reminded me of Sylvester Stallone!!
 I have painted individual hairs on his coat and veins, the camera doesn't pick these details up so well, but they are there.  I've also painted a shoe on his raised hoof.
Enough chat, now for the photos!  Hope you like him:)

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  1. Sylvester is awesome! You have talent.