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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

1:12 scale Sir Henry and Maximus

End of last year I was commissioned to make two horses for a lady who lives locally to me.
We went to photograph the horses for my reference, it was nice to meet them in real life and get a feel for their characters.
Sir Henry (the smaller red bay) is 28 years old (!!) and a thoroughbred cross.
Maximus (dark bay, tall chap) 4 year old Hanoverian.
Here is a photo of the two sharing a haynet:

1:12 is what they call dollshouse scale, so these guys were quite big (comparison photo in a minute)
Considering how much I love horses it odd that these are my first two!

First up is Sir Henry


Both Together

Comparison with the Schleich Thoroughbred


  1. You really should consider making resin model horses, these two are amazing :D I'd only prefer smooth texture, model horses almost never look good with textured coat.

    1. Thanks Magda! They have thier winter coats, which is how the owner wanted them, so they have a 'shaggy' look to them. I expect they look quite different in summertime. I know what you mean about prefering smooth to textured, in most cases I prefer smooth too.

  2. Very beautiful horses, with character =))

  3. Great horses!
    I'm in love with your works, really!