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Thursday, 28 February 2013

'Domino' English Springer Spaniel 1:10

A commission I finished last week, a 1:10 scale English Springer called 'Domino'

Sunday, 17 February 2013

A black bull, ram and a special gift from a friend

My first 2013 items from Schleich - and probably the only ones, except for the longhorn, which I had actually ordered as well but on receiving it they'd sent me the old version.  Disappointing as it was the one I was most looking forward to seeing, I gave it to my little niece as I already had it, so it wasn't a wast of money:)
Black Bull, Spanish fighting bull maybe? 
A Ram, I wish they'd say the breed!  I'll have to guess, either a Arles Merino or Whitefaced Woodland sheep.

And last but not least a special present from a friend, Kaiyodo Japanese Marten.  This is from the series Natural Monuments of Japan.
Thank you very much Amy, I will always treasure it:)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A few new Kaiyodo

I haven't been buying much the past few months, just the odd thing now and then.
Here are a few Kaiyodo I got recently, the first four are from a friend:
Common Seagull, Whooper Swan, Long-eared Owl and Waxwing
I love this Cuckoo, so of course I had to get one 
White Fronted Goose and Mountain Hare animaltales series
I'd seen these a few weeks back on the STS forum, new 2013 Kaiyodo releases!  Lucky enough to find them on eBay Japan for a brilliant price.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

1:12 scale Sir Henry and Maximus

End of last year I was commissioned to make two horses for a lady who lives locally to me.
We went to photograph the horses for my reference, it was nice to meet them in real life and get a feel for their characters.
Sir Henry (the smaller red bay) is 28 years old (!!) and a thoroughbred cross.
Maximus (dark bay, tall chap) 4 year old Hanoverian.
Here is a photo of the two sharing a haynet:

1:12 is what they call dollshouse scale, so these guys were quite big (comparison photo in a minute)
Considering how much I love horses it odd that these are my first two!

First up is Sir Henry


Both Together

Comparison with the Schleich Thoroughbred