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Monday, 17 December 2012

Viviana's Haflinger Mare

A while back I bought the Haflinger Mare by Breyer, originally sculpted by Brigette Eberl.
I never like the paintwork on the Breyers horses, so I decided I'd like to gradually get all my Breyer horses repainted by different artists, so far I have two.
A friend posted lots of photos of Vivana's works on STS and I fell in love with her incredible talent, so I sent my Haflinger off to be repainted by her...  and just a few days ago she arrived home!
Painted by Viviana to my specifications:)


  1. She's completely different from the one I have (also CMed by her)), but I like yours too very much:)
    Great horse!

  2. I love to see how a beautiful paintjob makes a beautiful model even more beautiful! :D Both OF versions by Breyer are not good enough for this mould.
    And of course these gorgeous eyes - as if they were made of glass!

  3. Thank you Daria, Viviana!! and Magda.:)) the eyes are amazing, just like they were glass indeed!