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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

1:2 scale Rabbit

This is the first time making a rabbit, the scale is big as well, 1:2.  He was a commission and I think the Rabbit is a Dutch, maybe a cross breed.
He was a chubby guy;)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

First Breyer Custom!

This is my first attempt at repainting a Breyer horse.
I enjoyed it, I think I could do a better job a second time round, as I wasn't happy with the dapples.  I wasn't sure how to do them and tried looking for a technique online, but only found turtorials for dapple greys.
This is the Classic scale Breyer Selle Francais
Original Finish

Painted into a Dapple Bay

"Tuscany Studios"

Check out this artist

Sunday, 4 November 2012

BHR 'Companion' Percheron

This is a model by Black Horse Ranch, you can read all about the model *here* - the model is called 'Companion' and was sculpted to go with the Hagen-Renaker 'Crusader' by Maureen Love.
This is an unpainted casting, the scale is classic, 1:12
I have plans on what colour he will be, I'll post some photos in a minute... first some of the model himself:

And a size comparison photo

Now for the colour I have chosen, he will be a Dapple Grey, which I believe is the typical colour for a Percheron.  Something like this:

Reference: First pic - Second Pic