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Thursday, 13 September 2012

New section added!

I thought I could resist, but they say once you have one you're hooked. 
Well, after saying many times I would never collect Breyer, I find myself growing a small collection - though I admit I still have a dislike for the material they're made from and paintwork isn't always nice.
I hope I will learn more about these models as I go along, at the moment I'm very ignorant to what their proper names are.
Here is the link to the new section: Breyer and Resin Horses
The first Breyer I ever purchased was a Stablemate Thoroughbred pictured below:
After receiving this model I decided I wouldn't collect them as I was disappointed with the feel of the model.
Then after years a very good friend of mine sent me this Stablemate show jumping horse
Whether it was because it was a gift I loved it so much, but it rekindled my desire to get more Breyer.
My next Breyer, another Stablemate, was a freebie from an online shop called Utterly Horses, they had a deal on (which I didn't know about actually till after I'd received the parcel) when if you spent over 10 pounds you'd get a free pony to paint. I had a nice surprise when opening my parcel...
That was it, I already had three and it's an odd number (I hate odd numbers:p) so when I saw the new Classic Haflinger I realised there wasn't a hope in the world for me.
Just last week I was deciding whether to get the Traditional scale Hickstead or Ravel, Hickstead won me over and here he is:

To make it an even number again (lol!) I have a Breyer Foal on it's way to me.

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