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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Two Collecta 2012 horses

When I bought last year's releases I have to say I was disappointed.  The material was rubbery and incredibly flexible.  However I fell in love with their beautiful faces, Deborah (the artist) captured their expression so perfectly that all the faults were forgiven and I had to buy more.
SO, I bought two 2012 figurines, the grey Shire mare and Mustang red roan (or whatever colour it is!  I always get them mixed up)

Collecta have really made an effort with their painting and I am so impressed by the quality here.  The material is still a problem, not on the shire, but on the Mustang - it suffers with the bendable legs and rubbery feel.  Saying that the body material feels harder and the model is heavier compared to last year's horses.
The Shire is so beautiful, but even she has problems - the thin area towards the torso is what bothers me the most.  
Then, now I don't know if this is just my model, but one ear (its left one) is larger than the right, looks like it had problems during the mould process.
Anyway all in all I love them and I'm sure I will continue to buy more of their horses in the future.  I am content with the ones I got for this year though.

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