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Friday, 24 August 2012

Three Parcels Arrived

I love receiving a parcel addressed to me, I'm sure everyone does, but especially when you know there's something exciting within.
Yesterday I received three parcels and all the contents were gems to add to my collection.
It wasn't difficult to decide which one to open first, although I was really looking forward to opening the other two I had to open this one first as I'd been waiting a couple of weeks for it:
This is something I won on eBay for a fantastic price - I can't believe there were only a couple of people bidding for it.
Lineol Eland
 It's so beautiful, everything about it is perfect

From Friends I received two fantastic figurines, the first being a Kaiyodo Palm Civet:

 and a gorgeously cute Collecta Smooth-haired Dachshund
Meeting his Kaiyodo Long-haired friends
Thank you Kristie and Emilia :)))


  1. All the animals figures you've posted so far are just lovely. But I'm really curious: you do need a separate room to stock them all don't you :-)?

  2. Thank you:) Ha ha, well I haven't reached that stage yet, I have them all in two display cabinets, one is almost full and the other I still have some room in but only due to getting rid of a few I didn't want anymore.