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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Papo Arrivals and Something Special

Finally I was able to get the 2012 Papo Cassis Labdog and Bull Terrier - being me I couldn't resist ordering some other figurines on my wish list too.
First up, of course, is the Cassis Labdog - Papo have really captured the older dog look with the white around the muzzle.
Cassis Labrador

Bull Terrier
He reminds me of the dog Bodger from the book "Incredible Journey" I think it was that kind of dog in the story.
Limousine cow and calf - these are gorgeous, they are stylised but really appealing models. 
White Billy goat, this one reminds me of the old brand Lineol...
and the last Papo from this order - the Pryrenees bear cub

But now!  My special addition:
Kaiyodo Snowy Owl, from the "Zoorasia" collection

I have more photos of her, so will upload them later.

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