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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Papo Arrivals and Something Special

Finally I was able to get the 2012 Papo Cassis Labdog and Bull Terrier - being me I couldn't resist ordering some other figurines on my wish list too.
First up, of course, is the Cassis Labdog - Papo have really captured the older dog look with the white around the muzzle.
Cassis Labrador

Bull Terrier
He reminds me of the dog Bodger from the book "Incredible Journey" I think it was that kind of dog in the story.
Limousine cow and calf - these are gorgeous, they are stylised but really appealing models. 
White Billy goat, this one reminds me of the old brand Lineol...
and the last Papo from this order - the Pryrenees bear cub

But now!  My special addition:
Kaiyodo Snowy Owl, from the "Zoorasia" collection

I have more photos of her, so will upload them later.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bullyland Doberman

A gift from an STS friend, Bullyland Doberman.
I love their dogs, they're full of character and even though they're soft plastic and have flexible legs, they are really appealing.  There are some I don't like, for instance the pointer, it's face is too wide for the breed and I don't like the fact they used the same mould as the Dalmation.

My complete Bullyland collection so far

Brahma Bull repaint

A commission for a friend, Brahma/zebu bull.
The model is made by Safari Ltd, they have some really nice figurines, but often their paintwork isn't great.

With my other repaint I did a while ago now, just for myself.
Here is the colour I based the new repaint on:
I used several photos of different colours and mixed them together, but this (above) was my main reference photo.
I plan to get the Papo zebu bull and repaint it in the colours below:

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cross-breed Dog

A friend of mine, who has recently moved here to England, had to leave behind her dog; due to it being so expensive to bring him over.  She was very upset about leaving him and asked if I'd make a miniature of the dog for her.
Below is a photo of the real dog:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Cork Bear and a Guinea Pig

A very good friend of mine sent me this fabulous gift, a Bullyland Cork Bear.  From what I've read on my friend's site, Bullyland made them in this material because they were almost impossible to break, being good for rough play from Children.  However this material proved to be damaging to the moulds, meaning the idea was dropped and so there are some models out there like this one, unpainted.
70% cork

With a Papo bear for scale

I won this little pig on eBay the other day, my little pig colony is growing;) 
Schleich Guinea Pig
Complete collection.

Friday, 1 June 2012

I Spy Schleich fox

While living in Canada for three years we used to get these books called "I Spy" from Costco, they are written and illustrated by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick.
Since moving back to England and getting to know the brand Schleich better I realised that in one of their books they used a Schleich fox no.14212.
Recently I bought the fox just because of it being in this book.
Here are a few photos of the book it's in, I'm sure he's appeared in more of their brilliant books too.
This one is entitled "I Spy Treasure Hunt".
 First I'll show you all the photos where the fox is present

With my fox 

Below are just some of the photos I like best in the book there are several more - aren't they fabulously done?
I thoroughly recommend buying these, this one in particular and "I Spy Gold Challenger" is also awesome.