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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Restoring a Lineol Black Rhino

I was given this rhino as a gift from two very great friends on the STS forum, Sue and Lesley.
They knew how much I loved and wanted this figurine, so emailed me saying they had a spare but he needed some TLC.
I was delighted to take on the challenge and they sent him to me.
Lesley gave me some very helpful tips and advice on how to restore the figure - as these models are very fragile and crack easily, I had to be careful what materials I used on it.

Here is the model before I started any work on it:
They told me this model hadn't received a proper paint-job, normally he would look like this
But I still thought he was beautiful and felt bad repainting it

The first stage of restoration:
With new ear and leg in place, also glued down any loose bits of paint and chips with a special glue.

Second stage of restoration:
Once the glue had dried I covered the model with Humbrol matt varnish so that I could paint the rhino with acrylics.



  1. He looks superb! Totally changed into better! Mihnea ;)

  2. great job harriet

  3. Wonderful work, HK!
    John P

  4. Thank you Mihnea, Steve and John!!