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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My New Arrivals for March

Anna made several horses for the company Mojo , one of which was a Fjord horse.  
This one is special as it is one of Anna's own copies of her original and what's more she painted it to my specification!

Two friends sent me gifts, Schleich boer kid (family complete now!) all the way from Serbia and two CollectA Siamese cats from Portugal along with a turtle;)
In a trade with an STS friend I got two Kaiyodo, a Mallard drake and Giant Squirrel.
The little yellow squirrel was a gift
Finally I bought the Papo 2012 Tyrannosaurus Rex - seriously, this new model is amazing, the detail is exceptional and the overall model is so much  more real looking than the old one, though I still love the old one.

I couldn't let him travel alone:D... so I bought the new wild sow, she's beautiful:
and with the wild boar, I think he looks a little cartoonish in comparison to the new sow, but I still like him all  the same. 

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