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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Schleich 2012 arrivals and some others...

Just a quick update on my collection.
The last additions for 2011 came in yesterday morning, I managed to get some 2012 Schleich before the new year, amazingly.
First up are the birds - other than the lovely snowy owl, I'm not 100% pleased with them all.
The Pelican is nice, but nothing new in it's pose, the same pose with the fish as all the other brands.
The Stock, the quality of the plastic isn't as nice as the usual Scheich figurines, it's very light.
The Peregrine Falcon I have to say was a big disappointment, the paintwork isn't nice in my opinion.  I think I'll try and repaint this guy.

Now for the sheep and goat
These are lovely sheep, although they have glittery coats, like the schleich Arctic fox had.

With all the Schleich sheep for comparison

Pygmy goat, very cute and with the old version... 

I also got some extras with this order, a couple of Papo
and Wild Boar 

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