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Saturday, 21 January 2012

New addition, this time a real one!

Friday I went to a local garden centre where they had a pet section, for sale were rabbits nine weeks old and litter trained (they are house rabbits).  I'd been told about them and immediately wanted to go and see - I was just going to see them but I ended up bringing one home with me!!  It was impossible for me to resist!
So here she is, I named her Anouska which is a Russian name and means "Gracious" - I didn't choose the name because of what it meant, I just liked the sound of it.  We'll have to see whether she's gracious or not;)
So while my mum held her I took a few photos:


  1. She's so cute and her eye looks joyful.I agree with you for her name.


  2. Thank you Krit - glad you like the name too!!

  3. OMG so cute I want a bunny :)

  4. Thanks! I let her run round the lounge for about half an hour, she was skipping and getting excited. I took a few pics but she wouldn't keep still so most came out blurred!

  5. Ohh gosh! She's so cute! Her name is perfect! She reminds me of my bunny. Sadly he died at the age of 5.


  6. Thanks Mihnea! She is cute and cheeky!
    That's sad your rabbit died, he wasn't very old:'(