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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Latest figurines

Some new figurines which I made for a friend who creates beautiful dioramas.
The first is a female Sloth bear and her cub...

...and a male Gharial crocodile, half protruding from water - both figurines were made in 1:22 scale. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A few new arrivals

I'm trying to concentrate on enlarging my bird collection - CollectA make some wonderful figurines which, with the help of a friend as they are hard to get hold of in England, I was able to add a couple to my small selection.
These included the Spoonbill and Barn Owl 

I bought another owl the other week, a Great Grey owl made by Bullyland, I slightly customised this figurine to look more like the catalogue photo.
This owl is the one pictured in the photo of the month.
And finally another owl that I've been wanting for a while, I saw it on the STS forum and instantly fell in love with it.  In a trade I was able to get this wonderful bird, it's made by 4D Master and I believe it is an Eagle Owl.
It comes with a base which has a tiny chipmunk on it!