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Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Bullyland

Most of the time I just add my new additions to my collection pages on the right, but then people don't know they're there unless the look regularly.
So I'll share new figurines I get here as well :) 

So this week I received six Bullyland animals, some of which are quite rare!
First up is the Chamois.  There's also another colour variation in the model, but this dark version is the rarer of the two.  I just love him, he may not be as realistic as the new Papo Chamois, but I think he's gorgeous.
Then two Mufflon Sheep, I'd never seen before and it turns out the white one is very rare.  These are quite small, you'll see a comparison picture in a moment.
A cute cock Pheasant, all of these animals are made in Germany.
And finally two adorable Guinea Pigs, I have a soft spot for these critters.  There are a few more from Bullyland to collect, it seems they're hard to get hold of though.
All together, the seller kindly popped a gift into the package, a Golden Retriever!

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