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Friday, 10 June 2011

Three new Papo Figurines

This morning I recieved three 2011 Papo - I'd pre ordered them at the beginning of the year and they've only just come!

So first the Wild Yak:
The sculpting is beautiful on this figurine and the painting is great too - the only thing that looks odd is the paintwork on the horns.

The sculpting reminds me of the old Lineol Yak which you can see here 
I love his face, the expression is wonderful. 

For comparison the Schleich domestic Yak.  They are the same scale, which is nice, they'd look great in a diorama. 

Now the Bactrian Camel:
This model is amazing, SO detailed, just look at that face, he's a camel all over and looks like he could come alive any minute.
I'm very pleased with him!

And with the Schleich for scale, the Papo is quite a bit bigger. 

Simmental Bull:
I'm very fond of cattle in general, so I couldn't resist this Bull and I'm so glad I did get him, he's gorgeous.
Schleich are known for their farm life, but soon I think Papo will have the best cattle on the market.  The sculpting of this bull is so much more realistic then the Schleich Simmental.  But of course I still love both models:o)

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