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Monday, 13 June 2011

Gemsbok female antelope

I've been working on this Gemsbok for a few weeks now, with the fantastic help from a few friends, who I can't thank enough for all their time in reviewing the figurine.

So here she is:


  1. Gosh! I can not get over in how FANTASTIC animal sculptress you are!!!! Oh boy I am just just shy way for even posting my little animals!!! i have a lot to improve!!!!*grin*
    thank you for the honor of your comment!Smiles~

  2. Thank you very much Patricia!! Your animals are absolutely gorgeous and I love seeing them!

  3. Your work is great--I really enjoyed your re-painting of the animals, esp. the Okapi and cougar. What kind of paint do you use???

    BTW, how are you at making Schleich-scale vultures, like I see in your bird photos? The ones I have from Papo/Bullyland are way too big!


  4. Thank you Shawn! I use acrylic paint, different brands, but Crawford & Black is one I use a lot.

    Vultures in schleich scale, that would be pretty small, but I think I could handle it - email me:o)