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Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Hunter

In the early morning a Stegosaur breaks through the undergrowth, in search of her lost herd.
She passes through the trees and…

calls out, but there was no answer, however…

something did hear her call and appeared a little while later...

The Allosaurus had picked up her scent and was now in pursuit

He stopped to sniff the air

By this time the stegosaur was on the ridge making her way down to the forest…

But quickly catching up, the Allosaurus passed along the same place

After hours of walking through the dense forests, it was evening time when she came out into the open, by the cliffs…

But she was not alone for the Allosaurus was now hot on her tail

It wasn’t till she’d reached the cliffs did she see who was following…

She bolted

But came to a dead end and was cornered, she turned to face her hunter…

The Allo stepped closer

Instead of being defeated, she charged the Allosaurus

And with one last push off the cliff…

the Allo plunged to his death


  1. Thanks Mihnea! Don't worry Allo will be back;o)

  2. Cool. I often do similar stuff. Have a look at this:

  3. Thanks Joe, your blog is great and your artwork is very imaginative!

  4. Best documentary fiction I've seen in a while. Great job!

  5. Lovely,wonderful,and imaginative show.I want to see something else like this.:cheers:

    1. Thanks! I'll have to do something similar again.